Elias Naphausen studied interactive media (bac) and interactive media systems (ma) at the University of applied Sciences Augsburg. After his studies he is living and working in Augsburg.

Additionally to his work as research associate at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg at the Hybrid Things Lab he is creating experience-rich media installations, worlds of sounds and virtual rooms. Elias is exploring associations between mind, eyes, ears, haptic and olfaction. He is trying to get to the bottom of feelings, visual and physical phenomenons and interpersonal relationships. Sometimes his work ist tending to bear upon research, sometimes it is just about perception.

Elias has shown his work on different locations such as Chaos Computer Congress, lab30, and Asche zu Farbgut Festival.

Elias is using a wide range of tools, such as C++, openFrameworks, Processing, Unity, different web technologies, microcontrollers, professional camerasystems and self built hardware. If no tool is suitable for the task, it’s time to learn another one, or to build one (for example with a 3D printer). To get lost in soundscapes Elias uses different types of analog and digital synthesizers and effects.

Artists vita

  1. Lab30
    Oct 2021, Augsburg

  2. DokKa 8
    Sep 2021, Karlsruhe

  3. Kunstwerk des Monats
    Nov 2020, Berg

  4. Das kleine Format
    Oct 2019, Diessen

  5. Grundrauschen
    Jul 2019, Diessen

  6. 35C3
    Dec 2018, Leipzig

  7. A3 Kultursalon
    Nov 2018, Augsburg
    Live-Audio for a performance with Christian Dolleschel, Kathrin Knöpfle and Daniel Jäckel

  8. xCoAx
    Jul 2018, Madrid

  9. Kunstmesse
    Jun 2018, Ingolstadt

  10. Spuren
    Dec 2017, Germering

  11. Falk Benitz - Skulpturen in Holz und Stein
    Jul 2017, Diessen

  12. Asche zu Farbgut
    Sep 2016, Augsburg

  13. Kunstakademie
    May 2013, Nuremberg

  14. Lab30
    Nov 2012, Augsburg