I build screens out of bulbs
an interactive light installation

Lektrik is a huge screen of bulbs, that can be switched individually. Lektrik was shown first at Modularfestival 2013 in Augsburg. People could play a game, "LightInvaders" which is similar to space invaders, on two separate Lektrik installations. Every time somebody passed the door a new enemy was spawned. With foot switches festival visitors could control their spaceship. At night, when the party crew moved inside and DJs started playing inside the location,
Lektrik was showing animated patterns.

After Modular Festival one part of Lektrik moved to Hallo Werner at Schrannenstrasse Augsburg and is still an important part of supporting the industrial look an rough style of the dancefloor. The other part of Lektrik is located at the company YEAH at auf dem Kreuz Augsburg.

Sebastian Onufszak
Robert Rose

Nick Riegler
Ralph Stachulla
Larissa Barth

Modular Festival
Hallo Werner

bulbs used: 210 (105 per installation)

resolution: 7 x 15 bulbs

relais modules used: 30 (15 per installation)

controller: Raspberry Pi

self implemented game logic

self built controllers

Part 1

Hallo Werner
Schrannenstrasse 8
86150 Augsburg


Part 2

Yeah Gbr
Auf dem Kreuz 11 – 13
86152 Augsburg

Lektrik started as a semester project at HS-Augsburg under supervision of Sebastian Onufszak and Robert Rose. The project team was asked to contribute to Modular Festival. We came up with the idea of creating a game people could play with their movements. After some research the doors to the smokers lounge seemed to be a perfect place to track individuals and avoid a technical overkill. While searching for a visual style and game mechanics, we decided for a hardware solution as screen instead of projecting someting into the large windows of Kongresshalle. The idea of taking bulbs as pixels was a guiding decision. We chose a resolution that fits into the windows without looking sparsely, having enough pixels to make our game playable, still be able to build it in time and be in line with our budget. For the game graphics we had to reduce everything to the minimum. The spaceship is nothing more than a triangle of four pixels, enemies are blocks of four pixels.

Lektrik getting tested
Testing the basics for the first time
bulb sockets in parcels
Lots of bulb sockets waiting for their cables
working on Lektrik
Wiring 30 relay modules
foot controllers
Foot gamecontrollers

Having Lektrik tested and the single pixelmodules and relaymodules wired, we moved the two installations to Kongresshalle. With an elevating platform we hang the pixelmodules into the prepared beams and connected them to the relays. The warm color of our halogen bulbs fittet perfectly to the red carpet of Modular Festival and the permanent light installation at Kongresshalle. Only the fuse for our powersupply had a hard time when turning on all bulbs at the same time.

Over three festival days we had all kinds of players. Especially children liked jumping between the large buttons.

If you like to see Lektrik in action, visit the bar Hallo Werner. One part of Lektrik is located above the dancefloor downstairs. It has a different software that fits the needs of a dancefloor. It has fixed programs that can be triggered via a midiinterface, allowing VJs to trigger light flashes, patterns, or simply use it as room illumination.

window without mounting beams
Window with mounting beams
Window with bulbs
Window with mounted bulbs