experiments with sound, synths and waves

Starting with different audio installations like "Monolith", i also started playing and collecting synths. Here is my place to share impressions, snippets, presets and thoughts about sound and devices.

When i played it for the first time, i immediatly fell in love with this device. I really like the wide range of sounds. From evolving to snapping, from smooth to gritty, from layer to drums – nearly everything seems possible wit this thing. If only it was poly…

I travel a lot through soundscapes by tweaking knobs, and sometimes even a preset is getting saved. For those of you who like to try them – here they are! Free to use. If you use them in soundtracks or even live, i’d really appreciate an email, or snippet of your sound, or just a short „hello“.


In the Facebook Sub37 usergroup, someone posted a video, looking for someone who could recreate that sound. I jumped in and after some tweaking i archieved this