experiments with sound, synths and waves

Starting with different audio installations like "Monolith", i also started playing and collecting synths. Here is my place to share impressions, snippets, presets and thoughts about sound and devices.

I built a custom stand for two Elektron Digitakt/Digitone devices and Novation Peak.

It is designed in Fusion 360 and a finger joint based construction. Here i share my files and thoughts about this, so you can build your own.

Download the full archive here.



This is a description how to build your own stand based on my files provided with this archive. Keep in mind that this is a fingerjoint based construction, designed to be lasercut – so you will need a lasercutter at some point.

You need

  • 6mm strong material of your choice, glueable
  • a lasercutter able to cut the material of your choice

It wont work out with a material different in thickness because it has to fit the fingerjoints.

You get

A nice place to put your favourite gear on with a nice angle to work on. Of course you can use it for some other gear, too, but it is initially designed to fit Novations Peak and Elektrons Digitakt an -tone.

It has proper space to fit your cables and in the back you got reinforements with cuts for cable ties to keep things nice and clean.

If you are the lucky owner of a Decksaver for your Peak, it will still fit when the Peak is placed in the stand.

How To

Take my two files, planes and sides, and cut them.

Fit the pieces together – they will only match in the correct way. Remember how you dit it and take everything apart again. Clean everything up and prepare your material for glueing. Glue and fit back together. Depending on your glueing technique, let your stand dry. Keep in mind that glue can release toxic fumes that will damage your lovely synths.

Have fun doing sound with even more style!


  • Top part, designed for Novation Peak: W: 46.8cm H: 23.0cm D: 3.8cm
  • Bottom part, designed for Elektron Digitakt and Digitone: W: 46.8cm H: 17.8cm D: 4.8cm
  • Overall approx, without gear: W: 48cm H: 35cm D: 45cm

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Synthstand Novation Peak Elektron Digitakt Digitone von Elias Naphausen ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung – Nicht-kommerziell – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz.
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When i played it for the first time, i immediatly fell in love with this device. I really like the wide range of sounds. From evolving to snapping, from smooth to gritty, from layer to drums – nearly everything seems possible wit this thing. If only it was poly…

I travel a lot through soundscapes by tweaking knobs, and sometimes even a preset is getting saved. For those of you who like to try them – here they are! Free to use. If you use them in soundtracks or even live, i’d really appreciate an email, or snippet of your sound, or just a short „hello“.


In the Facebook Sub37 usergroup, someone posted a video, looking for someone who could recreate that sound. I jumped in and after some tweaking i archieved this