I make sound
score for an animated short

Disorder is an animated short movie and bachelor thesis of Olga Rudneva and Sina Keller. I contributed the composition, soundtrack and most of the event sounds. The soundtrack was done only with analog synthsizers and a few field recordings.

I was lucky to contribute a soundtrack to the bachelor project of Sina Keller and Olga Rudneva. They did a 2d animated short, about social expectations, inner conflicts, and deamons to tame.

Olga and Sina asked me to do the complete soundtrack of their thesis and i had the chance to work quite freely. My approach was to use only synth sounds from analog synthesizers and use as less as possible microphone recorded samples.

I ended up using a Moog Sub37, Novation Peak and a Strymon Timeline. Also some samples were recorded in nearby forests after heavy rain. The filter chutes of a small lake were flowing over and made some beautiful slurping/growling sounds.

Another trick i used was building a piezo amplifier and record some sounds with these self build contact microphones. The recorded sounds are frequency rich with some nice glitches, clipping and scratching/squealing sounds.

Watch it here!